ARTillery: Contemporary Art Influenced by Weaponry

Since the inception of our great country, firearms and weapons in general have become an influential part of American society. This fascination remains prevalent in our current culture and is reflected in movies, news, politics, government policies and even childhood memories (Who can say they have never used a squirt gun growing up?). This exhibition examines the appearance and meaning of weaponry in contemporary art.

Abel Alejandre, David Amoroso, Richard Ankrom, Kii Arens, Jackson Boelts, Sandow Birk, Al Farrow, Lisa K. Blatt, Elyse Pignolet, Chaz Bojorquez, Angel Cabrales, Colby Caldwell, Shepard Fairey, John Wayne Gacy, Steven Gavenas, Kevin Grass, Jesse James, Michael Knowlton, Charles Krafft, Joshua Levin, James Mooney, Garry Musgrave, Odd Nerdrum, Eve Plumb, Scott Scheidly, Alan Simensky, Alyson Souza, C. R. Stecyk III, Charles Swenson, Jon Swinhart, Jaime Scholnick, Robert The, Fred Tieken, Lena Verderano, Brian M. Viveros and Dawn Whitmore

Mesa Contemporary Art Museum at Mesa Art Center
April 24 20152015- August 16, 2015