Leopoldo Pena

Leopoldo Peña
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Web: leopoldopena.com

Leopoldo Peña is native of Michoacán, Mexico. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1992. After graduating from South Gate High School in 1997, he attended East Los Angeles College where he studied photography. In 2008, he graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature and a minor in journalism. After graduation, he interned at the Daily Pilot in Costa Mesa, CA. Currently, he works on personal photography projects while finishing a master’s degree in Spanish literature at CSULB.

One of his major interests is the creation landscape photography in and around urban spaces. In such locations, by focusing on individual objects, the combination of natural and human-made elements is captured to project, through a simple image, a harmony of coexistence. For the most part, he works around beaches, lakes and public parks, for it is in these spaces that such combination of elements can be illustrated more explicit and less chaotic. His final images are all hand printed on fiber base paper and toned to archival standards.