Gloria Enedina Alvarez

Web: writes at La Bloga


For Alfred Arteaga

Day and the presence of day
Unlike its positive
White and the presence of content
Like its nemesis and incomplete waste
Released to stitch together
The feet
In the light of midnight
Much later
Outside the city of encounters and
The malice of encounters
In the day
The city without motion
Without a noisy stop of night
The city of night
Without water
With a little asphyxia
The profane is
Now and then here
If that can be taken
Like grief or time
Unlike a possible wait
Living is demonized
Later forgotten
In the city of day
Yet slices whole
The pattern that erases
What is
As false and unimportant
Unlike being moved to sing and hide
Insignificance exposed
Stops near death

Gloria Enedina Alvarez

www.Poetry.LA — Gloria Enedina Alvarez performs her work in a feature appearance the reading series “A Sunday Afternoon of Poetry at the Amsterdam CafĂ©,” North Hollywood, CA. (5/18/08)