Dominique Moody

Dominique Moody
Visual Artist
Los Angeles, CA, USA

My eyes speak to the Art of life as an experience through which the constructive form of assemblage thought and the collage fragments of dreams are intertwined. From this perspective, I am inspired by stories of people, experiences of places and the mysteries of nature. I developed my skills by looking at the worn texture of an object and how it tells its story. Throughout my life, I’ve been in search of places where my creative spirit and my day to day practices of life could coexist. In this pursuit of my happiness I’ve embraced my “nomadism” as a way of seeing, living and creating. In the process, I’ve conjured up images by articulating my challenges with altered eyesight, bringing my artistic vision into a heightened level of creative intuition.

Reflecting the role of an urban archeologist in search of answers to the mysteries of life, I find my materials by scavenging the streets and flea markets for things that many would consider “trash”. From the poetic to political, I collage layers of text and old photographs onto the surfaces of weathered wood and metal, constructing components into architectural forms as extensions of the figure form. These elements are intertwined to give these structures an organic narrative iconography. As I see it, I’ve created a form of language, which evokes a dialogue inviting a response to call upon the viewers own storytelling and thus, expand the vocabulary of our collective “mother tongues”, to visually speak to the Art of Living.

Dominique Moody 2010