Ismael Castro Garcia

Artista Plástico
Mexicail, BC, Mexico

Born in September of ‘77, Ismael is one of Mexicali’s most prolific emerging artists. As a Visual Artist, he relentlessly exploits unconventional mediums, surfaces and metaphors. His is an attack on the culture of mass consumption of American products and exploitation of the laborer with whom he identifies.

Visually, Ismael’s work is earmarked by a playful, non-confrontational and loose figurative style, coupled with a color pallete with which Matel toys would be proud. His utilitarian subjects are seemingly benign house hold items that he employs as metaphors for the working class: invisible, inanimate, functional and disposable. In place of canvas he has used degutted car seats, chair cushions, and 60? intact jeans.

Among Ismael’s influences are Rauschenberg, Warhol, as well as his modern day contemporaries.